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Taken from "The World of African Song" by Miriam Makeba, edited by Jonas Gwangwa 1971.

Introduction Historical background of African music The musical instruments of Africa The role of music in African life The new African music The ballad singer and poetry making Part singing in responsorial style Form Rythm in the African song Download 3.63 Mb
Bajabula Bonke
[I became ill] 
In this song a man laments his fate of getting sick and thus bringing joy to many who envy him. Impaka is a mythical, cat-like animal used by witch doctors for casting an evil spell on people. This is a "poisonous dish" which the woman served to her husband. Download 733.92 Kb
[Restore Africa to its owners] 
This is a Xhosa song which tells of the resentment of South Africa's young generation to the government in power. It is a patriotic song, and one of several African folk songs inportant for their oral history. Download 911.26 Kb
Ngoma Kurila
[A lament] 
A Venda lament. A mother's child cries from hunger, and she tries to comfort it. Download 494.84 Kb
Um Home
[Song of praise] 

This is a Xhosa dance song of a patriotic nature whose words literally mean:

I praise my fathers who came from Ngoni I am speaking for all my loved ones Let him alone to perform his dance.

Download 597.28 Kb
[A string of beads]
A Xhosa folk song performed at parties and feasts. Download 794.77 Kb
[You are arrogant]
A warning to a friend not to give up so easily. The rock rabbit is missing a tail because he had resigned himself to not receiving one. When the rest of the animals went to fetch their tails, he alone was unfortunate. The words are Zulu. Download 441.41 Kb
[Bring them with you or be victorious]
A Xhosa war chant about old tribal feuds. Download 921.80 Kb


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